Hoc initium est – This is the Beginning



1937 Oldsmobile
Copyright – Opticalreflex/Ray Elliott 2008

My intention is to present stories.  Stories that tell about the places I have been and people I have found interesting, either currently or historically; a little history, a little fun stuff, gossip, legends, people…what ever pops into my head.

Since photography is a passion of mine, some of the stories will be picture stories.  It may be the city hall, or some random bit of abstract stuff I saw while there, or someone I talked to. And so the evolution of this blog begins. The first photo in my header is of some antique cars I found several year ago in a field in Graham, Washington.  The way they were lined up next to each other reminded me of old men, sitting on a porch, reminiscing.

I have a thing for rusty, crusty stuff; it calls to me like it wants to tell me its history. Makes me want to reach back and see who used it; did they have fun?  What was their life like?  Were they good people, have kids, make love, work hard, have an easy life…or a hard one?  No matter how long I stare at them I always feel like the stories are just out of reach, but they never get any closer.

Come along with me and let’s see a few places together.  After this intro. post, the next post will always be the latest I’ve submitted.  Don’t hesitate to look at the older ones!